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Theracords is a label releasing hardstyle and harddance music, produced from the heart. Passion is the most important ingredient of everything we do!

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New Release : Psyched ft. Aninia - Encomium

New Release : Psyched ft. Aninia - Encomium

You like your hardstyle RAW but you also can't wait to hear some summer vibes? Enter Psyched! With Encomium he gives you the perfect blend of both worlds. The beautiful voice of Aninia takes you to higher levels while the devastating kicks from Psyched get your feet moving like crazy! Welcome to the summer of 2016!

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Digital albumrelease: The New Era

Digital albumrelease: The New Era

Today the digital version of DJ Thera's album is officialy released on 
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The government is overthrown, A new empire has to be risen from the darkness. Citizens from all across the lands, Gather around to discuss the future of their existence. Speculating various options has only led to one final decision. 

A New Era, has to be formed in the past, this will lead to a new outcome in the future. There is only one man capable of this task, He proved himself a diverse warrior with his training sessions. But the master of light has joined his own true sound, into oneThis is, THE NEW ERA 

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New Release: Project Exile - Tchaikovsky on E

New Release: Project Exile - Tchaikovsky on E

Project Exile his productions are supported by the biggest artists in the scene and we all know why. Project Exile brings you to higher levels with his newest masterpiece called Tchaikovsky on E. 

After Rings of Fire (raw mix 2015), Project Exile blows you away with this one! 

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Psyched feat. Aninia - Encomium Psyched feat. Aninia
25 May 2016
Dj Thera - The New Era Dj Thera
The New Era
11 May 2016
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