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Theracords is a label releasing hardstyle and harddance music, produced from the heart. Passion is the most important ingredient of everything we do!

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New release: Project Exile - Your Own Past

New release: Project Exile - Your Own Past

Dark, but accessible. That's what Project Exile is all about, and this debut release on Theracords tells you why. A combination of mainstream, euphoric and raw hardstyle with an overall eery atmosphere makes sure Project Exile puts his mark on the scene. The hard kickdrums and dark atmosphere of title track “Your Own Past” are a perfect start of the release. “Rings Of Fire” is an instrumental rawstyle track with a drop many people won’t expect. Finally, “Cursed 2014” is a revamp of a track that has been postponed for so long, it's almost truly cursed itself.

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Theracords welcomes Project Exile!

Theracords welcomes Project Exile!

Dark, but accessible. That’s what Project Exile is all about. 

Marc Scheeren, previously part of the Catatonic Overload duo, launched his solo career early 2014. After his first release in January on Sys-X, he caught DJ Thera his attention. The rest, as you can see, is now history: starting today, he officially joins Theracords again. Welcome back!

We had a little chat with Project Exile to have him share his thoughts about his signing at Theracords, the concept behind Project Exile and of course his upcoming gig at Q-base and the upcoming release on Theracords.


1. First things first: how does it feel to, after two years, be back at Theracords?

A bit strange, but in a good way! ;) Theracords is just one big happy family which has grown so much during my absence. So it’s a great feeling to be able to be a part of that again!


2. A lot of people already know you from your Catatonic Overload period. How does it feel to now work as a solo artist in the music industry?

It feels different. The slogan ‘Make Raw Not War’ which we used as Co2 turned out to be something we couldn’t keep ourselves to. If you work as a duo, you always risk getting some disagreements of course. But if those disagreements happen so often that they are the only way you get inspiration for your sound, you got to ask yourself how long you can keep working like that. Sooner or later you’re bound to realise you can’t go on that way.

So that’s why I chose for a new name, a fresh start. People will of course have certain expectations of me, but I think that if I decided to become a Catatonic Overload 2.0, I’d get stuck pretty quickly. I’m sure some Co2 elements will return in my music, but let’s be clear: Project Exile is a completely new concept, with no rules.


3. Your slogan is 'dark, but accessible'. What does this mean for the sound of Project Exile?

Haha, you got a minute? In the past, hardstyle was just called ‘hardstyle’. Period. It didn’t matter if it was happy or dark, it was all amazing! Nowadays we’re very tempted to put everything in ‘boxes’. Hardstyle, raw hardstyle: you even see a lot of people who don’t think raw hardstyle is hard enough. I don’t like that, I just wanna have the freedom to do what I want to do, wether that’s mainstream, raw or extra raw.


When you’re producing in your studio, lots of great elements for your tracks originate purely out of coincidence or whatever stupid reason; it all depends on where your production flow takes you. If you make something you feel comfortable with, you shouldn’t bother with thinking if other people will actually enjoy it or think it’s hard enough (I admit that’s something I do myself too, though I shouldn’t!). The only thing that matters is that you’re proud of it yourself, that’s the most important part. Of course you can still try to go harder and rougher but before you know it you’re playing on the ‘extreme industrial terror’ stage (in a matter of speaking), and by that time nobody will accept you anymore if you decide to switch back to a bit of a softer sound.

Don’t get me wrong though: I love filthy hard kicks with a lot of cat-like screeches, but I can just as much enjoy a beautiful melody or euphorical break that gives me goosebumps! 


4. Your first performance as Project Exile will happen soon at Q-base, in the Xtra Raw area. Are you nervous, to be behind the decks again after such a long time?

Yeah I am. The last time I was behind the decks already feels like a century ago. And like I already answered on the previous question is that the ‘will people like it?’-question is something that keeps me pretty occupied at the moment. So I’m trying to find a good balance between tracks I’d personally go crazy on and tracks of which I just know people will stomp the floor upon!


5. Alright, one final task: describe your debut release on Theracords in just one sentence, so people know what to expect from it.

It’s just a ‘fresh new start even though I’ve only just begon’-release, without any rules, with a touch of mainstream, euphoric and raw combined, including a track you should’ve gotten ages ago already but due to the circumstances never got released so I made a revamp of it to make it up to you… Well, you asked for one sentence, it still is just one sentence ;)


The previews of Project Exile his debut release will be shared with you this week. If you wanna catch them early, make sure to tune in tonight at 19:00 CET to the Theracords radioshow on Q-dance Radio, because the show will feature a guestmix by Project Exile!

Also make sure to mark Q-base – Creatures of the Night on September 13th in your agenda: you don’t want to miss Project Exile his debut performance!


Follow Project Exile at:

New Release: Exit Mind - Get Down

New Release: Exit Mind - Get Down

Do you "Believe" in the sound of Exit Mind? Then it is time to "Get Down" and dance! This new two tracker shows the incredible growth this artist has gone through in the past year. Both tracks illustrate perfectly that combining melodic elements with the typical raw hardstyle kickdrum is a match made in heaven. The dancefloors are ready for this amazing release, how about you?

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