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Theracords is a label releasing hardstyle and harddance music, produced from the heart. Passion is the most important ingredient of everything we do!

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Theracords is looking for ambassadors, again!

Theracords is looking for ambassadors, again!

Recently we've decided to expand our Theracords ambassador group a bit. A few lucky people have already been selected and joined our cause, but there are still some spots left. And now it's up to you guys to claim those spots.

In case you didn't apply last time, here's all info about what we're looking for.

Note: if you applied last time but didn't get selected, feel free to try again!


What does being a Theracords ambassador mean?

As an ambassador, you will be the face of our company, both online and in the crowd on events. You will represent our label to the people and share your love for our company with them. If you are a true Theracords fan, this should come naturally for you!

As a reward for doing this, you will receive great gifts, like getting some merchandise that you can use to physically represent Theracords. You will also gain access to some special privileges behind the scenes.


What are we looking for specifically?

In order to become an ambassador, you need to:

-          Absolutely love Theracords; it should run in your blood

-          Visit 15 – 20 hardstyle related events in the Netherlands a year

-          Be active on social media and other online platforms

-          Be enthusiastic, social and spontaneous  


How do you become an ambassador?

If you feel like this message is calling out to you, send an email before December 26th to in which you explain who you are and why you want to become an ambassador of Theracords. Don’t forget to prove to us that you have all four qualifications that are mentioned above!

New release: Delete - The Curse

New release: Delete - The Curse

Delete won't let 2015 start quietly for you, because his upcoming Theracords release will be the first to hit the digital shops in the new year. Dive into the ancient Egyptian mystery of the pharaoh tombs with "The Curse", or learn the wisdom of the Boondock Saints through "Codes Of Behavior", produced together with Low Profile. Besides an original mix, this second tune also comes with a breakdown edit: less talk, more drive, perfect to keep the tempo up during a set!

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DJ Thera's Training Sessions @ Disco ZAK

DJ Thera's Training Sessions @ Disco ZAK

The Training Sessions album tour strikes down in Germany!

On the 24th of January DJ Thera's Training Sessions album tour goes on and this time we will work together with Discotheek ZAK to make this night as epic as the others! With our hardest squad present this evening we will make sure that Germany will know that Theracords isn't just some label. We are Theracords and the 24th of January Disco ZAK is OURS to TAKE!

'Ey, think you can walk around here like nothings happened? You're not gonna do anything crazy here are ya? Come on!'

Saturday the 24th of January – 24 Years Disco ZAK : DJ Thera’s Training Sessions
Location: Megadisco Zak | Uelsen
Time: 22:00 – 07:00
Tickets: €9,- (doorsale only)

This is our music,
This is our passion,
This is the time,
For Training Sessions

Order the album now at

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