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Theracords is a label releasing hardstyle and harddance music, produced from the heart. Passion is the most important ingredient of everything we do!

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New Release: Prefix & Density vs Solutio - Artillery

New Release: Prefix & Density vs Solutio - Artillery

Just because this is a 1 track release, doesn't mean it isn't as hard as the others. This track comes with an 'Artillery' that makes it twice as heavy. You better watch out while listening, because it might cause some heavy reactions!

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New Release: Blackburn - Weakness

New Release: Blackburn - Weakness

Already found his ''Weakness''? Probably not, because this guy is ''Unstoppable''. The new Theracords release by Blackburn proves that for sure. These tracks, containing that typical Blackburn sound, will let you dance once again. And he is just getting started.

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Theracords is looking for creative photographers/videographers

Theracords is looking for creative photographers/videographers


Theracords is known for its diversity and out of the box thinking. Theracords is looking for photographers and videographers that share these characteristics. Theracords is looking for people that consider their photos and videos as art, just like Theracords considers its music as art. Registrations will cover various events in 2014.


Desired Qualifications

-       Creative.

-       Ideally you tell Theracords what’s beautiful, rather than vice versa.

-       Affinity with Theracords and hardstyle.

-       Able to work independently, punctual and precise.

-       Proactive behaviour.

-       Sufficient capabilities with the required (Adobe) software and hardware.

-       In possession of the required equipment.


What does Theracords offer you?

A fun, flexible and professional working environment. Informal communication, humour and passion for music are characteristics that describe this working environment.


Besides Theracords will give you the opportunity to build a multimedia portfolio that will receive significant exposure. 



If you are interested in building a portfolio under Theracords’ support, please mail your portfolio and motivation to using the conversation subject ‘Creative photographers/videographers’. 

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Upcoming releases

Prefix & Density vs Solutio - Artillery Prefix & Density vs Solutio
21 May 2014
Blackburn - Weakness Blackburn
14 May 2014

Recent releases

Prefix & Density - Anger Prefix & Density
16 April 2014
Degos & Re-Done - Drugs of Choice Degos & Re-Done
Drugs of Choice
26 March 2014
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