What started as a small record label in October 2008, is nowadays an integral part of the hard dance scene: Theracords, preaching music produced from the heart, has grown to be an international top label and organization.

Now, 10 years later, Theracords is a force to be reckoned with. The label always stands for diversity and originality, showing hardstyle in a very broad genre. From getting lost into deep melodies to exploring the borders of heavy hitting hardstyle. Theracords provides it all. As long as the music speaks quality above quantity. However, music is not the only thing that differentiates us. We believe in teambuilding and by saying that, our family feeling is stronger than ever before. The Opposition is gaining strength each day as the crew is coordinating operations to conquer new grounds.

By the start of 2018, Theracords is focusing more than ever to be an exclusive label. Theracords is working hard to innovate in all different aspects off the label. Being authentic is something we are embracing the fullest. In 2018, high quality music will be rewarded with a release on Theracords (main). Moreover, the release will be launched with a full spectrum of marketing as the track deserves maximum attention. This also means we are introducing a sub label to Theracords that goes by the name; Theracords Labs.

Next to ‘Labs’, Theracords possesses another sub-label which is dedicated to the classic sound; Theracords Classics. In a Hardstyle world where new tracks stick to their current style, no one thinks about releasing new music in the old school style. That’s how Theracords became a pioneer for the classic sound. The general concept for this label is to release all tracks under the name “T.C.C.”. Those new tracks will be released in the old school Theracords sound. Anything is possible at Theracords Classics. We love to release diverse music from gated kicks to hard trance to acid and anything in between. It’s basicly a futuristic trip down memory lane!

Along with the success of releasing Theracords music across the globe, the label has also grown as a company. Nowadays Theracords takes care of many activities: it does programming of events, it teaches producing and DJ lessons, it offers mastering and mixdown services, it hosts a monthly radio show and it runs a booking agency under the name of Limitless Agency.

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For mixdown/mastering and studio sessions, please contact:
info@theracords.com (Dj Thera)

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We are always searching for unique, original and creative new music. 
When you think you got what it takes to join Theracords, send us your demo through our demo drop function! (requires 100% on your profile)